Sunday, 10 April 2016

:Literacy Week Mystery: Slinky Malinki- Up to Mischief!!

Room 12 arrived at school 2 Friday's ago to find their enormous grey plane had disappeared... we looked everywhere. We asked the question:
WHERE HAS OUR PLANE GONE?? Then we received this message: Miaow Children and Teachers at Sunnyhills School! I’m Slinky Malinky, (a rapscallion cat!) By day I am just like any ordinary cat but at night I am wicked and fiendish and sly I leap over walls and I prowl and pry All over school I have pilfered and pillaged from classrooms and corridors your teacher’s belongings I’ve pulled them and dragged them and heaved them until I reached the music room high on the...concrete Take yourself off to the window to see If your belongings are sitting there one morning this week Make sure that your teacher can identify the item I stole So that your classroom will once again be whole So we went to investigate
No luck! Our plane was not there on Monday....but on Tuesday, Milana and her mother visited Slinky's window again and said they had seen our plane. So we went to have a look:
We wrote a class email and sent it to Slinky: Ni hao Slinky Malinky We are Room 12 Sunnyhills School. Last week our big and grey toy jet plane went missing. It was lost!! We felt very sad. We looked all around our classroom but we couldn't find it. Miss S our teacher sent an email to all of Sunnyhills School. Yesterday you sent us a message so we went down to the music room, but we couldn't find it : ( This mornning Milana one of the people from our class took her mummy down and they found our jet plane in the music room. This morning the whole class went down and we found our jet plane. Slinky Malinky stop taking our things. If you want to use our things please ask us first and remember your manners. Thankyou for listening to us. From: Room 12 and Miss S and Mrs Norton : We think that Slinky got the message because he left us a signed paw message on our whiteboard. Thanks Slinky!!

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