Thursday, 10 March 2016

Visiting Auckland War Memorial Museum

Room 12 has been using the Inquiry process to investigate Stars of the Insect Community. First we brainstomed our ideas about what we thought insects were. Next we used different coloured Vivids to put our ideas into groups. The groups named the different places where our ideas lived or could be found or how our ideas moved. Some of the groups were: crawling, flying, hopping and swimming.
Room 12 had lots of different ideas about what insects were, but we still didn't know exactly what made an insect an insect. We were so lucky because Mrs Yates and Mrs Rinckes organised a trip for the whole Junior School to visit the Auckland War Memorial Musuem. We thought this would be a great place to find experts that could help us with our investigation.
Our experts showed us some insects. They talked about how insects protect themselves and also how they help our environment/place we live. We discovered that:* Insects have 6 legs * Insects have three parts to their bodies * The three parts are called head, thorax and abdomen. We also discovered that a spider is an arachnid, not an insect! Now that we can use our new knowledge to investigate different kinds of insects that we find in our environment. We were so lucky to have our wonderful parent helpers for the trip. A big thank you to: Mr Davis, Mrs Gerritsen, Ms Singh, Mrs Konesan, Mrs Sparey and Ms Bankers. We couldn't have done this trip safely without your help!
Today we wrote stories about our trip to Auckland War Memorial Museum. We hope you enjoy them! Geena:I saw a volcano. I am surprised because it is fun! Jason: I am at the museum. I liked the insects. Jujhar: I am in the volcano. Milana: I went to the museum. I am happy. Isla: I am looking at the treehouse. I am happy. Iris: I am going to the plane. Jacey: I went to the museum. I am happy I went to the museum. I went with Miss S. Liam: I am at the museum. I am happy. Bharun: I like the volcano. Indigo: I am watching the turtle. I am happy. Etienne: I like the giant lollipops. I liked it in the plane. Cassie: I am at the museum. I am happy because I saw a volcano. I am excited because the volcano is exploding! Spencer: I am in the treehouse. Caitlin: I went to the museum. At first I felt scared and then I didn't feel scared any more. I saw one elephant and we wanted to see the volcano. Miss S got confused and then she said we should have gone straight ahead. Isaac: I saw a dinosaur. Toia: I am looking at the treehouse. I am happy. Sonia: I am at the volcano. Caprice: I am happy because I like the volcano. It is fun.

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