Monday, 14 March 2016

Self Portraits- Take 2

We did our first lot of portraits when we first visited Room 12 at a pre entry visit or at the start of this year. It has taken us 4 weeks of real careful work, but now we have finally finished our second attempt at Visual Art-self portraits. We have been learning to use a range of different materials to complete a portrait of ourselves in our school uniforms. First we had to think about and choose the correct paint colour for our skin. Then we had to think about using the whole space. We held our paintbrushes like a pencil.
Then we added the colour of our uniform. Next we used paper to create our hair. Miss S showed us how to make curls using the scissors. Some of us had to work with Mrs Lee to add the brown colour to our hair because there was no brown paper. We used PVA to stick the paper on. It was very tricky and the glue stuck to our fingers!
Finally we worked with Miss S and Mrs Lee to add the parts of our face. We used pastel.... it was really tricky because it could smudge if we worked too fast! So we did our best because Miss S said that amazing artist's work takes a looooonnnnggg time!
Our portraits are not all the same, because we are special and unique individuals. We think that we are awesome artists. What do you think??

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  1. Wow Room 12 I think your self portraits are amazing. I like the way you persevered to do your very best work. They look fabulous. Well done Room 12.