Friday, 18 March 2016

All About Our School

Room 12 has been using the Inquiry process to learn about Sunnyhills School. Over the last 3 weeks, we have been going on orientation walks during fitness time and having discussions about the different people and places we visited. When we brainstormed our ideas back in class, we found out that we could name and talk about the different places including the: office, junior courtyard, boat playground, tree island, field sign, lunch room, hall, sandpit and junior playground. We discovered that we didn't know the names of people we might find around our school. We decided to find out the answer to the following question: Who are the people around our school? Room 12 visited the office on Week 3 Tuesday. On our way to the office, we saw Mr Leslie our school caretaker getting the field prepared. When we arrived at the office we saw Mrs Driver our school principal, Mrs Steel our deputy principal (Mrs Driver's helper), Mrs Anderson and Mrs Gibbens who are always busy making sure we are all here safely and notices go home to our parents. When we visited the library we met the lovely Mrs Jeans who gets the library organised and looks after all the ICT equipment in the school. Room 12 will continue to learn about the large number of people who are around our school that help us.


  1. A great way to get to know the school Room 12! You are always welcome to come and visit Room 11!

  2. Great to have you visit the office Room 12

  3. Thanks for visiting the office last week. It was so lovely to see you all and have a lovely photo taken with you! I'm glad you took photos with Mrs Anderson, Mrs Gibbens, Mrs Steel and Mr Leslie too!