Thursday, 5 May 2016

Life Education with Harold

This week Room 12 went for their first visit to the Life Education Caravan 'Harold's Home'. We were very happy to see our friend Etienne, who was very brave because he had broken his leg, but he still came to visit Harold. We miss you Etienne and we can't wait till you come back to Room 12 to stay with us. Room 12 has one more session with Harold tomorrow, but these are some of our ideas so far. Life Education: Social Relationships In Room 12 WALT: Brainstorm our ideas about problems that might happen at school • People using bad touches (Aaron, Sonia, Jason, Jujhar, Caitlin) • People bumping into each other on the playgrounds (Spencer) • People using bad words (Isla) • People snatching (Jason) • People not liking each other (Isla) • People dropping rubbish (Room 12) • People making the Junior trolley messy (Liam) • People not picking up the toys and putting them away (Iris) • People putting the rubbish in the wrong bins (Room 12)

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