Monday, 15 February 2016

Room 12's Class Promise

Monday 8th February, was the day that the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi was observed. Room 12 was asked by Miss S to think about the following questions: What makes you feel happy at school? What makes you feel safe at school? How can we help each other to feel safe and happy at school? What can Miss S do to help you feel safe and happy at school? It is very important to Room 12 that everyone in our whanau feels safe and happy when they come to school. We shared our ideas in pairs and then as a whole class. We have agreed that we will try to work as a team to acheive the promise that we have made to one another. There may be times when we forget the promise. This is why we have it on the door to our classroom, so that we can revisit the promise as a class if we forget and need to be reminded. Keep trying Room 12 whanau. You can do it!!

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