Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Chinese New Year- Year of the Monkey

Room 12 have listened to some of our friends share their ideas about what activities they do to celebrate Chinese New Year. Jason likes to eat food with his family. Iris celebrates with her family by singing. Sonia dances and sings with her family. Etienne likes watching Chinese people celebrating. To celebrate the year of the monkey, Room 12 have created some visual art. Please feel free to come and see our mixed media art work hanging in our classroom. We challenged ourselves to: * Hold our paintbrush like a pencil * Use big wide hands to create the hands and feet of the monkey * Colour inside the lines using the right colours for our monkey's face. We hope you like our art work : )


  1. Hi Room 12, your painted monkeys look awesome! I can't wait to come in and see them personally. I really like how you have used your hand prints for the hands and feet of the monkey!

  2. What cute monkeys! I am pleased that you know about the Year of the Monkey.

  3. Hello R12 I love walking past your Room and seeing those monkeys. They sets me on a happy journey to my classroom! Mrs Trembath