Monday, 24 October 2016

Fun and Games!

Room 12 has been learning about how to play safely in our playground.

We have also been learning how to play games and how to 
share and take turns with others in our group.

On Friday, Mrs Nelson took us outside and placed us into 4 groups. 
We were given 3 cones and 1 ball and had to work together and come up 
with a new game to play and teach our classmates.

Caitlin, Isaac, Bharun and Tenny taught us how to kick the ball between the cones. If you hit the cone, you got out.

Next, Aaron, Toia, Caprice and Sonia taught us how to kick the ball at the wall. If you kicked the cone then were out and the next person had a go.

 Then Geena, Iris, Spencer and Etienne taught us how to kick the ball at the cones. The more cones you knocked over, the more points you won.

Lastly, Jujhar, Indigo, Milana and Isla taught us how to place the ball into the cone, then throw the ball from the cone to the people in your group. If you caught the ball then you got to have a turn.

We learn't so many new games and how to share and take turns with our friends. We also learn't how to make rules and play games so that they were fair and we got to teach and play our new games together

What a great afternoon!

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  1. Good learning Room 12. You are very clever children. Well done.