Sunday, 21 August 2016

Room 12 Olympics

Room 12 Olympics with our buddy class!

On Friday, Room 12 and Room 8 got together to do some Olympic events together.
We talked about sportsmanship, trying our best, helping our buddies and most of all 
- having FUN!

Getting together with our Room 8 buddies.
Lining up for our Hurdles relay event - this was fun hopping, going over and
around all the different obstacles.
Bean bag toss - we had to aim and throw bean bags into 3 hoops
that were placed at various distances
Frisbee toss - we had to try and toss the Frisbee into a hoop.
This was tricky!
Javelin throw - this was cool fun! We got to see how far we could throw our javelin.

What a fun day and a great afternoon spent with our buddy class Room 8. Thanks for helping us and encouraging us to be our best.

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  1. Summer - Sunnyhills Yr69/05/2016 11:34:00 am

    Those sports look so fun i might join in one day!