Thursday, 28 July 2016

Ronald McDonald visits Sunnyhills!

Sunnyhills was very lucky to have a visit from Ronald McDonald.
He came to talk us about being safe around roads and in the car. 
He was very funny!

Ronald told us how he lost his red and white, medium striped, made to measure sock! 
So Ronald went looking for it on his way to Sunnyhills School.

He told us to look our for 'sneaky driveways'. 
We need to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN before we cross the driveway.

Then Ronald showed us how to cross at the crossing.

Katie came to show us how the Sunnyhills Road Patrol help to keep us safe 
and cross the road. 

Then Ronald showed us how to cross at the crossing with Katie's help.

And lastly, Ronald found his red and white, medium striped, made to measure sock
Can you guess where it was...?

Thanks Ronald for showing us how to walk on the footpath and cross the road safely. 
We are now Roadwise!


  1. looks like you have the McDonald's man,was he funny?How much people in your class like McDonald's?

  2. This looks like such a fun experience to go through! All the description tells me a lot about Ronald McDonald because I wasn't at school when he came. I love how you put a question at the end for people to guess. I would love to see some videos to give me more information.

  3. It looked like Ronald McDonald was very funny and I could tell by the captions that you learnt a lot. It was great that you had a road patroller to show you the signs so you know when to cross the road. Did Ronald tell many good jokes?
    Charli - Room 2

  4. What amazing road safety facts from Ronald! When I was in room 12 Ronald came to visit too,it was a very lovely time for me. Lucky Ronald found his sock. Lovely pictures taken. In the future I would love to see one or two videos also.

  5. Hi road wise Room 12, looks like Ronald McDonald taught you lots of safety information. I remember when Ronald McDonald came to Sunnyhills the time I was year 2. I bet he was hilarious. Did you find Ronald McDonald's red and white,medium striped,made to measure sock?

  6. Hi Room 12, I had Ronald Mcdonald come when I was in the juniors. It was fun.